How we test your hearing

Alexander Audiology uses the latest diagnostic technology to determine your level of hearing loss in a range of frequencies, allowing us to program your hearing aids to compensate for your specific loss.


To measure air pressure fluctuations inside the ear and check for perforations of the eardrum, we use a typanometer, which can help diagnose disorders that can lead to hearing loss, especially in children.

Otoacoustic Emmisions

When sound stimulates the cochlea–the auditory portion of the inner ear–the hair cells vibrate. This vibration produces nearly inaudible, but measurable sounds called Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs).

Custom Hearing Protection

Alexander Audiology can mold and custom-make earplugs for gun owners, concert-goers, construction workers, or anyone who may be exposed to loud sounds. We work with each client to determine what type of plugs are right for them.

Cerumen Removal

Earwax, or cerumen, is normal for everyone, but sometimes the accumulation of earwax can lead to pain or pressure, often interfering with hearing and limiting your audiologist’s ability to examine your eardrum.


Tinnitus Management & Counseling

Dr. Alexander focuses on treatment that includes management and counseling, helping the patient “tune out” the Tinnitus, and works to disassociate the sound from anxiety and distress.

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