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Hearing Aid Batteries

When hearing aid wearers need batteries, Alexander Audiology helps identify the correct types. An effective hearing aid battery lasts a long time before it needs to be changed. A rechargeable battery offers more convenience but requires compatible hardware. There is no hard work required for battery selection, but it does require a little knowledge.

Battery types

Manufacturers alternate between sizes 10 (yellow), 13 (orange), 312 (brown) and 675 (blue). The size and color-coding of each one of these batteries ensure you can easily tell what you need for your specific device. Rechargeable batteries require a charging station, but won’t require changing when they’re out of energy.

Regular hearing aid batteries should only be taken out of the package when they are going to be used. There is a nonreversible activation from the zinc-air technology that uses energy the moment the tab is pulled. When storing the batteries, keep them in a cool and dry place. Never place them in direct sunlight, or store them in a place that is known to be humid.

How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Although part of a battery’s lifespan depends on the size, there are many other factors to consider. Older hearing aids are more power-hungry than modern models. That means the same battery that lasts a week on an older device can last up to a month on an updated model.
Software and features will also decide the life of a battery. Modern hearing aids come equipped with many power-saving features by default. Even with these advantages, there are some things to keep in mind when using a companion hearing aid app.

Sound profiles won’t always take power-saving features into consideration. Wearers that choose a profile that uses extra battery power may be overriding default power settings. This is normal behavior, and won’t have a major impact on the lifetime of the battery. The key is figuring out the best way to maximize battery effectiveness without lowering sound quality.

In order to make hearing aid batteries last longer, wearers should look for devices that have a high level of configuration. This ensures that necessary features are always on while unneeded features remain off.