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Captivate – What Life Sounds Like

Captivate gives you better hearing and helps capture those moments in your life. The latest technology and innovations are used in the Captivate devices and utilize the Sonic SoundDNA technology platform. This helps with clear conversations in noisy environments. Virtually eliminate feedback and minimize hearing distractions. Connect to your mobile phone and other wireless devices easily. The Sonic Innovations Captivate devices are highly customizable, small and very stylish. Captivate devices are also resistant to moisture, dust, and can run all day on a single charge.

Captivate Hearing Aid Styles



Captivate miniRITE T R

Captivate miniRITE T R (with charger)

Spend less time changing the batteries in your hearing aid and spend more time listening to conversations, music, and the surrounding sounds in your environment with the Captivate miniRITE T R hearing aid solution.

Easily connect to wireless devices in your daily life. The Sonic Innovations Captivate is compatible with the Apple iPhone® smartphone device and can stream audio, entertainment, and news directly to your hearing aids. A complete line of accessories is also available so you can connect to any other Bluetooth wireless devices and smartphones you want to use.

Sonic Innovations Captivate Accessories

Sonic SoundClip-A


Stream stereo audio with AndroidTM smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth® compatible devices to Enchant 2.4 GHz hearing aids. The SoundClip-A can also function as a remote control and remote microphone. They can also be set up to use your hearing aids as wireless headphones to play music or be used for hands-free phone calls.

Sonic RC-A Remote Control

RC-A Remote Control

Simple Remote Control for Hearing Aids
The Sonic Remote Control offers simple, discreet program and volume changes up to 3.3 feet away from your hearing aids with low power consumption use. People with dexterity issues love the simplicity and convenience of the RC-A remote control.  Eliminate the complexity of adjusting dials or pressing tiny buttons on hearing aid instruments.

TV A Adapter

TV-A Adapter

Savor every TV show
TV Adapter works as a wireless transmitter for sound from the TV (or from other electronic audio devices) to the hearing aids. If you want to watch a show, you can stream the audio directly to your Sonic hearing aid devices. You can plan TV shows, news, sports, and movies right to your hearing aids and to your ears. You can enjoy your favorite TV program on any TV, as long as there is a TV-A adapter installed on the TV.

Sonic Phone Adapter 2

Phone Adapter 2

Never miss a phone call
The Phone Adapter 2 is for hands-free phone calls on a landline. The Phone Adapter 2 makes talking on the phone a breeze. The volume can also be easily adjusted.

soundlink2appmobile.pngSoundLink 2 App

SoundLink 2 App

The Sonic Innovations SoundLink 2 app will enable you to adjust and control your hearing aids. You can select what you want to hear and adjust the sound on your hearing aids. TheSoundLink 2 app has additional features such as a “Find my hearing aid” search, links to user instructions, and has a low battery notification. You can also connect users to their GO service on IFTTT.

Other features:

- Support for remote/partner microphone via SoundClip-A

- Advice on coping with hearing loss

- Individual volume Left & Right

- Event log

- Control of tinnitus relief sounds (if supported by hearing aid)