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Tinnitus Treatment

Understanding the facts about tinnitus is required to treat it properly. Alexander Audiology excels at finding a positive solution to treating tinnitus abnormalities. Instead of being reactive, patients can take a proactive approach to deal with the condition.

What is tinnitus?

When there is ringing in one or both ears that no one else can hear, then chances are it is tinnitus. The condition is classified as a neurological and audiological condition that can affect quality of life. When left untreated, it opens the door for more serious conditions to fester.
Tinnitus can be temporary or permanent based on the original cause. Earwax blockage would qualify as a temporary case and can be remedied with cerumen removal. Permanent tinnitus falls under several categories but is still treatable with the right approach.

Symptoms of the condition

The sound can be identified as a ringing, hissing, whistling or even thumping in the ears. All of this is considered feedback that only the individual can hear, so it can easily cloud the afflicted person's environmental awareness. Distraction is common, and multitaskers suffer the worst.
Subjective, neurological and somatic tinnitus are the three common types. Objective is the fourth type, and it is considered rare. With objective tinnitus, the sounds can be heard by an outside observer. The four different types of tinnitus can also correspond to the root cause they came from. For instance, somatic tinnitus is related to the sensory system. Neurological tinnitus is often related to Meniere's disease. Understanding the type of tinnitus is one of the steps required for finding the cause, and eventually, a treatment.

Treatment options

With each treatment option, patients will get varying levels of results. This is where it becomes easiest to manage the problem. The hardest part is learning the original cause of tinnitus.

Masking, tinnitus retraining therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can all be used to null the sounds of the condition. Instead of being the random conductor of sound in both ears, tinnitus becomes minor background noise. With the masking treatment, portable machines can be used in professional or home settings.

The effectiveness of the treatment will always come down to the type of tinnitus, and whether the original cause is accurately found. Getting an examination early will provide the best results.