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We believe it’s possible to regain your youth and vitality by improving your hearing. From personalized care to education on the latest hearing devices, Dr. Melissa Alexander is here to help.

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We offer expert knowledge and state of the art technology & equipment for a range of treatments tailored to your specific needs. We provide one-on-one hearing counseling, hearing tests, comprehensive evaluations, concierge audiology services, tinnitus management, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries and hearing aid accessories.

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Managing Tinnitus with Meditation

Research shows that meditation has a positive effect in helping tinnitus sufferers reduce stress and manage their condition, but sitting in silence can be a challenge for people who suffer with tinnitus. Our breathwork meditation sessions use the power of breath set to curated music to help you break through stress and find peace and connection to the present moment.

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Take Back Your Hearing

Like computers and smartphones, hearing aids have changed dramatically over the past decade. Today’s hearing aids are discreet and adapt to you. Hearing aids have the ability to boost specific sound frequencies around you, restoring a more complete range of sound. Our goal at Alexander Audiology is to make our patients hear better. Simple as that. We don’t sell what’s less expensive for us; we do what’s best for each individual patient. That’s our promise.

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