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What Will Happen During Your Hearing Aid Fitting?

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

If you’ve spoken to your audiologist about your hearing loss then they’ll likely have performed a series of tests and recommended you for a further hearing aid fitting. The process might sound intimidating, but there’s really nothing to worry about and the fitting process will be just as painless and easy as your initial tests.

However, it’s also one of the most important appointments that you’ll attend to help you overcome your hearing loss, so we’re going to explain a couple of things that will happen during your hearing aid fitting. This is to help you ease into the process and also help clear up anything that could be troubling you.

You’ll likely be tested a couple more times

Even if you’ve already had many different hearing tests, there’s no harm in double-checking everything to see if your hearing has changed at all from the last time and to ensure that the hearing aids they’ve picked for you are a good choice. They’re going to talk about hearing loss again and inform you about everything that will happen. You always have a right to stop the process and to postpone it if you want, especially if you’re feeling emotional. However, once this series of tests ends, they’ll likely move on to actually showing you the hearing aids and explaining how they’re used.

You’ll be given a brief introduction to your hearing aids

This will likely be the first time that you see your hearing aids so your audiologist will probably give you a brief introduction of what they are. They’ll explain some parts, they’ll tell you how it works and they’ll also mention some of the features it has. A lot of this will likely be explained in previous meetings, but it’s never a bad idea to recap on this information.

You’ll be told how to use your hearing aids

Next, your audiologist will tell you how to use the hearing aids. There’s not much to learn and if you’ve opted for a discreet pair then there are likely only a few buttons on the hearing aid. If you’ve picked out a behind-the-ear or a larger model, then there will likely be more buttons so it’s good to pay attention. However, if you miss something, you’ll likely find it in the instructions so you can recap easily.

You’ll notice a change in your hearing

If your hearing has slowly degraded then using your hearing aids for the first time will make you notice an instant change in the way you perceive and hear sounds. It can often be an emotional experience, so don’t be afraid to ask for a small break or to bring a friend or family member along for support.

You’ll be asked to attend a future appointment

By now, almost everything about your hearing aids will likely be covered, but your audiologist will still want to have a follow-up appointment for the future so that they can check up on your progress and also to address any concerns that you might have.